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Uhhhhh... NEW EXPERIENCE FOR ME! Thanks to Albert for this custom! I chose nurse outfit since its medical fetish (and just bc I got new one haha) ou can wear whatever you like or nothing at all as long as you end up nude at some point in the video. Start off the vid talking about your feelings. (be 100% honest even if you think I won't like your answers) Are you excited, nervous, scared etc. Do you think it will feel good? Have you ever thought about urethral play before I asked you? Things like that. If you need to relax a little by masturbating or using a vibrator on your clit feel free to do so but you don't have to if you don't want to. Show your new toys and tell the sizes of them. Show a closeup of your pussy spread open and show your urethra as close and in focus as you can. Lay back spread your pussy lips really wide with your fingers and make sure your face is on cam Slowly and carefully start using your toys on your peehole. It will probably take a few minutes of practice to find the hole and the right angle but that is OK with me. Let me watch as you learn and also your face expressions and don't edit it out. Tell me your real feelings. Does it feel good, tickle, hurt? (be honest) If you are feeling OK try the larger sizes. Tell me the sizes you are using. Perhaps touch a vibrator to the metal to see how that feels or use a speculum (if you have one) in your pussy and the rod in your urethra like the doctor would. Be sure to also include lots of closeups (as close as you can get the camera) of you putting them in and out of your peehole At the end tell me your thoughts. Did you like it or hate it? Would you try this again? Do you think other women would enjoy it, etc? Show another closeup of your urethra so I can see if it has gaped open compared to the start of the vid. Say your goodbyes. That's pretty much it. Here's a short summary. Give your honest feelings. Don't pretend. Show a closeup of your peehole. Make sure your face is on camera the first time you insert your toy so I can see your real expression. Tell me the sizes of your toys. Include lots of good closeups. Tell me your thoughts at the end and show me one last closeup of your peehole. P.S. You may have to pee or some pee may leak out. That is OK with me so don't worry about it or try to hide it.

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