Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - Your Time Has Come 2018-09-15


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So….this is the sequel to “Ash Gets Ready for her Date” (you should really go watch it first to prep thy boner, but essentially, your Ash’s best friend and she pretty much cucks you while she picks out an outfit for her date with Not You). The scene: it’s later that night, Ash comes over to your place crying. Bad date? Undoubtedly, but she doesn’t really want to talk about it. After a bit of consoling she laughs at herself because she’s honestly more upset that she put so much effort into getting ready and expecting to have sex tonight. She sighs and says that she really wanted to finally get laid. Oh boy, you see your chance and you’re going to fucking go for it balls to the wall, all in motherfucker. [Ok, I’m done with this description. Y’all have The Sex: she strips, sucks your dick, and then rides you reverse cowgirl. Lots ‘o dirty talk. She bounces dat azz. She begs for you to cum inside of her. She regrets friend zoning you for years. The End

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