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On a whim, you decide to make a bet with your teacher. You know you will win so you bet her that she will have to show you her asshole if you win. When you do, she is outraged. She is an Ivy League educated teacher. She shouldn't be subjected to this kind of absurd and perverted treatment. She is a woman of her word however, so she will fulfill her end of the bet. She is clearly very embarrassed about the entire ordeal. She blushes and she stands up and bends over her desk. She pulls up her skirt revealing that she has no panties on. "I bet you didn't expect that," she says. She very unwillingly takes her hands and spreads her cheeks so you can see her pussy and her asshole. You egg her on telling her to make it wink and it just makes her more and more embarrassed. She asks you to promise not to tell anyone about this. You just sit there and stare at your teacher's asshole. You tell her to finger it. She cannot believe that you are trying to get more and more out of this bet. You threaten to blackmail her so she very reluctantly starts to finger her asshole. She asks if she can get in a more comfortable position and sits on the side of her chair and continues to show off her ass. You tell her that now you want to lick her ass. She is disgusted by the idea but lets you do it. You slide your tongue inside and wiggle it around. When you are satisfied, your now mortified teacher tells you to leave and to promise not to tell anyone.

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