Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - Your Son's Principal Owns Your Dick 2018-09-17


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You are called into a last minute meeting with the principal at your son’s school. She is an attractive young woman, but you are not looking forward to the meeting. When you arrive, she tells you that she thinks you should start thinking about next steps with your son. He was already suspended a couple of times this year. She tells you that she doesn’t want to have to expel him, so you should look into transferring him to a different institution. You become angry even though you expected this news. She immediately tells you to lower your voice and leave her office. You apologize, asking her if there anything you can do to change her mind. She ponders your offer for a moment, looking you up and down. She comments that you are an attractive man. She says that she hasn’t had much time for men in recent years since she has been focusing so much on her career. You smile, thinking that you can get your dick sucked by this hot principal. She quickly tells you that she doesn’t give a shit about you getting off. This will be all about her pleasure. She does know that you will obviously need to be hard if she wants to use your dick, so she begins to strip for you, showing off her sexy curvy body. As you watch her shake her ass, you grow harder and harder. She tells you that she will own your dick now, especially if you want your son to stay at her school. She tells you to bend her over and fuck her doggie. You slide your cock in and start to fuck her, watching her butt bounce. She laughs at how you’ll do whatever she says. You don’t care though; you kind of like being used by her. She cums on your cock. She says that she’ll call you in again when your son gets in trouble…so, probably sometime next week.

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