Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - Using Your Wallet and Your Girlfriend 2018-02-06


Download Ashley Alban - Using Your Wallet and Your Girlfriend - 363.41 MB from 2018-02-06
You’re back for more. Ashley loves owning your dick and your wallet. She doesn’t even have to do much. She just lets you look at her legs and feet while you stroke your little dick. She finds your cock pretty cute, but she still won’t give you anything more. You cum so quickly anyway, it wouldn’t be worth. Ashley loves just bobbing her foot up and down until you cum, and then you buy her whatever she wants! Ashley suddenly remembers what she wanted to tell you. Your girlfriend came over her house the other day to confront her. She was pissed that you have been spending so much money on Ashley. Ashley tells her that if she’s so upset, she can just take back the shoes you bought. Ashley tells your girlfriend she has to remove the shows herself though. When she gets down on her knees, Ashely slides her foot between your girlfriend’s legs and starts to rub her clit. Ashley continues until your girlfriend has an intense orgasm (apparently much better than any orgasm you have given her). So now, Ashely owns both your and your girlfriend and she still gets whatever she wants. She sees you are about to cum and instructs you to cum on her wedges. Once you have cum all over them she tells you that you have to buy her a new pair now!

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