Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - Twin Sisters Bust Your Balls 2018-09-17


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Your step-sisters, twins Ashley and Alice, have been taking a self-defense class for the past few weeks. Alice is talking to you one day and starts bragging about how strong they are now. She flexes and tells you that even though you’re older, either her or Ash could take you. You two make a bet that whoever loses the scuffle has to clean the winner’s room for a month. Alice comes at you but you stand your ground knowing that you are much stronger so there’s nothing she can do. Alice grows frustrated and calls to her mom for help. Her mom comes in and grabs your arms, pinning them behind your back. She then instructs Alice to knee you in the balls. Alice thinks it’s kind of weird but goes ahead anyway. It hurts, but you refuse to give in. Her mom then tells her to squeeze your balls since they are a man’s biggest weakness. Alice protests but her mom insists. She squeezes your balls until you give up. Alice even squeezes some more just to make you do more things for her. Her mom tells her to go get Ashley to teach her the same lesson. Their mom tells them that they can squeeze a guy’s balls, but they have to be careful not to pop them. Later that evening Ashley is getting ready for her date. She made you come into her room to help her pick out an outfit. Naked, she holds up a couple dresses asking for your opinion. She expresses concern that her boyfriend is going to want to have sex tonight, and since she’s a virgin, she isn’t sure that she’s ready yet. She looks at you and jokingly says now that she knows your weakness, she’ll make you satisfy him by sucking his dick. Angry, you grab both her wrists and pin her back. She struggles, and then suddenly kisses you. Surprised, you ask why, and she said that she wanted to make you stop, she apologizes for joking around and you let her go. She sees how turned on you are now, and unbuttons your pants. A condom falls from your pocket, and she decides to practice and slides it on your dick. You are super horny now, so you grab her and slide your dick in. She moans in pleasure, but then starts to protest, so you grab her wrists again and start to make out with her. She moves her head away and calls to her sister for help. Alice comes in, gets behind you and grabs you by the balls. You loosen your grip and Ashley breaks free and grabs your balls as well. You don’t want to stop because you’re so close to cumming, and so Ashley squeezes hard and pops one of your balls. You stop, now in excruciating pain. Alice then admits that she popped your other ball as well, probably at the same time. Ashley scolds you for making them do that and makes you promise to tell mom that this was some kind of sports accident or something.

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