Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - This is What I Think of Bibles 2016-05-10


Download Ashley Alban - This is What I Think of Bibles - 1.45 GB from 2016-05-10
Ashley has a brand new Bible to play with. It’s a women’s devotional Bible—what a joke! Ashley wants to show you exactly what she thinks of super religious women spending all their time reading the Bible. They’re fucking cunts. Ashley takes a marker and writes “CUNT” on the cover of the Bible. She writes a few other choice words too. Women shouldn’t even bother being religious. It’s a waste of time, and they just end up being bitches. Praying isn’t going to make them happy. Maybe if they spent more time masturbating and making themselves feel good, they wouldn’t have to look for so much “guidance.” Ashley opens the Bible up and reads one of the devotionals. She laughs. It’s such bullshit. She starts to rip pages out of the bullshit Bible and spits in it You know what all the women reading this Bible should do? They should masturbate. Ashley pulls out her vibrator and straddles the Bible. She starts to stimulate her clit as she continues talking shit. Ashley grinds against the Bible and cuts right on it. She picks up the destroyed Bible and says it looks much better now.

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