Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - The Hipster 2018-09-15


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Ashley is a typical hipster girl. She stops by your place to hang out after riding her fixie bike over to the thrift shop. After talking about music for a bit, you suggest playing a game. If you can name a band she’s never heard of, you win a prize. Ashley asks you want you want, and you says that you want to fuck her. She rolls her eyes and agrees saying that there is no way you’ll win. After a couple of tries, you stump her. She first checks on her phone to confirm, and then admits defeat. She starts to undress, unveiling her perfect hipster boobs. You tell her that you want her to suck your dick, so she gets down on her knees to suck you. You look into her big beautiful bespectacled eyes as she swallows your dick. Once you’re hard, you say that you want her to ride. You lie on the sofa and she straddles you. She slides her panties off and slips your dick into her pussy. You watch her bounce her large, non-conformist ass up and down on your cock until you fill her pussy up with cum.

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