Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - The Enslavement of Princess Leia: Part I 2018-09-20


Download Ashley Alban - The Enslavement of Princess Leia: Part I - 102.39 MB from 2018-09-20
Leia has been captured by bounty hunters working in conjunction with the Empire. They shove her into a room to face their gangster boss and his cronies. Leia is furious by her treatment. She is a princess after all and she knows that Luke and Han will come to save her before long. She asks the boss what his plans to do with her now that he has captured her. He tells her that she will be sold into slavery. Leia protests this and then asks what kind of slavery. He laughs and tells her that she will be a sex slave. Leia tries to refuse, but he pulls out a blaster and points it at her. Now deflated and nervous, Leia obeys him. He makes her strip naked so he can inspect his new slave. Leia slowly removes her dress, bra and thong, showing off her entire body to the boss and the others in the room. She is so embarrassed that she has to be naked in front of all these scum. The boss tells her to touch herself. Leia pretends that she doesn’t know what he means, but after glancing at his blaster again, she slides a couple fingers inside her. After he has fully inspected her wet pussy, he tells Leia that she just needs to wait before she is sent off to the brothel, her new home

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