Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - The Casting Couch 2018-10-26


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Ashley is strapped for cash and goes on Craig’s List one day to find a way to make some extra money. She finds a listing requesting models for a photoshoot. It’s a bikini shoot, but Ashley doesn’t really mind. Plus the pay is decent and they aren’t asking for any experience. Ashley decides to check it out and goes to the provided location after speaking with the photographer a bit. When she arrives there are multiple guys in the room and there are cameras set up to film her. Ashley is pretty nervous, but she introduces herself for the camera and provides her measurements. The guy in charge asks if she brought a bikini to try on for some test shots. Ashley says she did and asks if she should go into the bathroom to change. He says no; Ashley is taken aback. But after some consideration she realizes she would be pretty much naked during a bikini shoot, and she would probably have to change in front of everyone anyway. With some trepidation, Ashley changes into her bikini as quickly as possible. After awkwardly posing a bit, the main guy tells her that she isn’t really what they are looking for in a bikini model. Ashley is frustrated. She really needs the money and she’s now sitting here completely naked on the sofa. She asks if there are any other opportunities for her. The guy suggests that she would be great for adult films. Ashley can’t believe it. He wants her to do porn?! But after hearing how much she could make, she’s interested and asks if there is a way she can test out if she would like it before committing. The guy says that she could suck his dick right now to see how she does. Ashley is incredulous, but she is willing to try whatever possible. She gets down on her knees and pulls out his big dick. He coaches her through sucking a dick on camera, telling her to make sure that she looks into the camera as she sucks. After gagging on his dick a bit, she says that wasn’t so bad. He tells her she will have to have sex as well and tells her to get in doggie on the sofa. As she is getting fucked, another guy with a camera coaches her through how she should make her facial expressions and how to dirty talk. Ashley can’t help but get into it and the guy fucking her soon cums. After, Ashley asks when her first shoot will be. That’s when they reveal that they were never affiliated with the porn industry

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