Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - Teasing In Sling Bikini 2018-11-07


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Ashley is your girlfriend, and you call her on Skype while you are away on a trip. Ashley is wearing a sexy sling bikini for your Skype date. She asks if you like it. She shows off her body to you, playing with her breasts and shaking her ass. She tells you that she is horny. She wants you to jack off while you watch her play with herself. She gets down on her knees a starts to suck one of her dildos like she would suck your dick. She deep throats it and gets it all messy and covered with spit. She tells you that she wants to feel a dick inside her. She repositions the camera and grabs another dildo, suctioning it to the floor. Ashley squats over it. She pulls her bikini to the side and slides the tip of the dildo into her pussy. Ashley starts to ride it, pulling her breasts out as she bounces up and down. Ashley says that she is so horny, one dick isn’t enough. She grabs the dildo she was deepthroating earlier and starts to suck it while she rides. You can’t believe how dirty she’s being! After a bit, she tells you that she just wants to get really crazy and cum. She sets up in the bedroom. Ashley begins to fuck her pussy hard with her dildo. You can hear just how wet she is. She grabs her vibrator and presses it against her clit as she fucks herself. She tells you that she wants to you cum with her. You stroke your dick hard and you both cum together. After, she tells you that she just needs you to come and fuck her like that.

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