Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - Sucking 2 BBCs in the Gym 2018-02-06


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It is late one night and Ashley finally makes it to the gym before it closes. As she finishes up her workout, she realizes there are only two other people still exercising: two hot black guys. Ashley notices them checking her out while she does her squats. She has an idea for a little late night fun. After she sees them go into the men’s locker room, she sneaks in behind them. They ask Ashley what she is doing. She smiles and says that she she saw them checking her out, she wanted to have some fun. She loves black guys after all. Ashley takes off her shirt and starts to tease them. She asks they to pull out their cocks and she gets to her knees. The first guys pulls out his dick and it’s a big 8 inches. Ashley starts to suck enthusiastically. She glances over at the other guy, but he hasn’t taken his dick out yet. Ashley begs him to pull it out, so he does, revealing his monster cock. Ashley can’t believe a dick can be that big. She definitely can’t fit it in her mouth but she starts to worship it. Ashley goes back and forth between the two big, black dicks. Soon, she says she wants to get fucked. She bends over and the guy with the 8 inch cock fucks her doggie-style. Ashley moans in pleasure and watches the other guy jack off. She says she loves being a slut like this. Ashley gets fucked and filled up with cum, and then takes the other load on her ass. After, she gets their numbers so she can gets fucked by them again.

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