Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - Sniffing Your Roommates Panties 2016-04-02


Download Ashley Alban - Sniffing Your Roommates Panties - 991.99 MB from 2016-04-02
You live with a female roommate and while she is out at the gym working out, you take the opportunity to sneak into her room. You decide to go through her hamper of dirty clothes looking for dirty panties. You always get turned on thinking about a girl’s pussy and asshole, and you just want to get as close as you can to it. As you are sniffing the panties, your roommate comes homes and walks in on you. She is taken aback. She didn’t realize this was what you were into. Well she says if you like dirty panties, she has a nice sweaty pair on now after working out. She tells you to just keep stroking your dick. She slowly strips out of her gym clothes. She slides off her panties and sticks them in your face so you can smell them as you stroke your dick. She suddenly gets an idea. Why don’t you smell and taste the real thing? She tells you to get down on your knees. She stands over you and spreads her ass cheeks. She tells you to keep stroking your dick as you lick her sweaty pussy and ass clean!

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