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You are on a family vacation and unfortunately there is limited space where you’re staying so your parents make you and your sister share a room. You fall asle ep pretty quickly, but you are woken up by your sister making noise. She is on her iPad and it looks like she’s touching herself! You don’t even know what to say. She catches you watching her and she’s clearly embarrassed. You ask her what she was watching. She explains that she couldn’t sl eep and she ended up getting horny and watching porn. She says it’s not her fault she woke you up. She was trying to be quiet and it’s not like she wanted to have to share a room with you. You ask her what kind of porn she was watching. She asks if you have watched porn before and you admit you have not. She shows you the video she was watching. She sighs and says she really wants to have sex now, but there’s nothing she can do about it. She suddenly looks at you. She says that you’re a boy after all. You guys could fool around and as long as you don’t fuck her pussy, it’s not like she can get pregnant or anything. She tells you to take your cock out as she moves down by your legs. She is so surprised when she sees your dick and says that she had no idea her brother has such a nice cock. She starts to suck you, getting rough and messy just like in the porno. She tells you that she wants to have sex and suggests anal. She straddles you reverse cowgirl and slowly slides your cock into her asshole. It’s so tight and feels so good! She starts to ride you, bouncing on your dick. She spanks her ass and says she loves being a slut for her brother. When you’re ready to cum she tells you that she wants a facial. She sucks your dick some more and then jacks you off until you cover her face with cum.

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