Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - Restrained 2016-01-07


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Ashley returns home after a long day of running errands to find a strange man in her home. He quickly grabs her and ties her up. Once she is restrained he grabs a camera and starts to film her without saying a word. Ashley tries to struggle but she can't escape her bonds. She asks him what he wants. He can just rob her if he wants to. He clearly does not seem interested in any of her belongings. He begins to take off the top of her dress. She asks if he just wants to see her naked. Feel her breasts? Maybe more? Whatever it is, she tells him to do it quickly so he can leave. He puts the camera on a tripod and walks over to her and pulls out his dick. Ashley begins to suck him. She isn't putting much effort into it so the man grabs her hair and starts facefucking her. Ashley gags on his dick and drools on her breasts. The man continues to facefuck her, makes her suck his balls, and rubs his dick against her boobs. After a while Ashley asks him if he is ready to cum yet. He jacks off all over her face and boobs to Ashley's disgust. After, he picks up the camera again to get a close view of his load before turning and walking right out of her house.

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