Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - Naughty Hotel Bath 2016-01-07


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Ashley wakes up early at the hotel she is staying at in Miami. Her boyfriend is still asleep but she wants to film a video. She decides to quietly film while she takes a bath. She fills up the tub and begins to wash herself. She starts off with her tits, and then sits on the edge of the tub and gets her whole body soapy from her shoulders down to her pussy. She turns around ass-to-cam and lathers up her big butt as well. After getting nice and clean, Ashley grabs her dildo hiding off camera. She begins to suck it quietly getting it nice and wet. Ashley suctions the dildo to the side of the tub and starts riding it cowgirl the the camera. She bounces up and down for a while and squeezes her tits. Ashley then gets out the the tub and squats down of the dildo to ride it reverse. She shakes and claps her ass on it. After, Ashley sits sideways on the tub and grinds her hips back and forth of the dildo. Ashley is feeling super horny now and definitely needs to wake her boyfriend up.

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