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You decide to get out of your apartment for a bit to get some work done, so you go down to the common area lounge. The place is deserted other than a girl relaxing on a sofa looking through her phone. You realize that her sweater is pretty much see-through and you can’t stop staring at her tits. She catches you staring and asks what your problem is. You quickly ask if she is aware that her nipples are visible. She rolls her eyes and says that she knows exactly what she’s wearing; she chose her outfit because it fits her aesthetic. You realize she is one of those too cool for school Tumblr girls. She smirks and asks if her breasts are too distracting for you. She leans forward and pulls her sweater up a bit revealing some underboob. She says that it isn’t her fault you’re such a horny guy. She asks if you want to fool around. She says no one else is here, and even though there is a security camera in the corner, the guy monitoring it will enjoy the show. She pulls her top up so you can she her perfect breasts. She tells you to pull your cock out since it must be uncomfortable having a boner with jeans on. She bends over the sofa to show you her ass. You can’t believe she has such a curvy body; you would have remembered seeing a hot girl around your building before. She shakes her ass and tells you to stroke your cock to get it hard. Once you’re hard, she gets down on her knees to suck. She slowly teases and kisses your dick at first. She says that she hopes you don’t have a girlfriend because her lipstick is hard to wash off. Before you can say anything she starts to suck your dick hard, getting messy with spit. After sucking for a bit she says that she is ready for you to fuck her hard. She stands and bends over the sofa again, removing her skirt and thong. You slide your dick into her pussy and start fucking her doggie. Watching her ass bounce on your dick turns you on so much that you’re soon ready to bust and you cum deep in her pussy

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