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Ashely has arrived home after a long day at work. Honestly, it has been a long week of work. Ashley hasn’t showered in a couple days, so she just wants to get undressed and take a long hot shower before her son comes home from soccer practice. As she undresses, Ashley smells her dirty thong, and the smell of her ass starts to turn her on. Ashley’s hands travel down to her pussy and asshole and she begins to finger herself. She hasn’t had a chance to masturbate in a while, so she decides that she might as well masturbate now, and then take a shower to get nice and clean. Ashley lies in her bed and continues to finger her ass and pussy. Suddenly she hears the door open. Did she mix her days up? Does her son not have soccer practice today? Ashley sits up in her bed and covers herself hoping he doesn’t come into her room. Unluckily for Ashley, he comes in seeing her naked in the bed, and asks what she is doing. Ashley tells him that she is having some mommy time. He asks her what that means. Ashley blushes and tells him that she was masturbating. He doesn’t seem to understand. Ashley explains to him what masturbation is. He asks if she could show him. Ashley reluctantly at first starts to demonstrate what she was doing before he came home. She tells him that it is ok if he wants to take his dick out and start stroking it as he watches. Ashley tells him that she was turned on by the smell of her ass and offers him her fingers so he can take a whiff. Ashley and her son continue to masturbate until they both cum hard.

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