Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - Long BJ Before the Party 2015-11-11


Download Ashley Alban - Long BJ Before the Party - 1.81 GB from 2015-11-11
You and Ashley have plans to go to a party this evening and you are waiting for her to finish getting ready. You stand in the bathroom and watch her apply her lipstick, fix her hair, put on thigh-high stockings, a dress and platform heels. Ashely loves slowly dressing to tease you since she knows you enjoy looking at her body. By the time she is finally dressed and ready, she sees that your dick is hard. Ashley suggests a blowjob out on the sofa before heading out to the party. You go out to the living room and stand in front of her looking down at her big breasts. Ashley pulls out your dick and starts to suck you, looking up with her big brown eyes. She slowly takes your cock deep in her throat. Ashley decides it would be better to take off her dress, so she gets up and kneels on the couch and begs for your dick again. She continues to suck you slowly up and down. Ashley loves sucking your hard dick and feeling how hard you get in her mouth. After sucking in this position for a while Ashley decides that it would probably be better to move into the bedroom because it would be more comfortable. You follow Ashely into the bedroom and get on the bed. She gets on all fours and continues to suck your rock hard dick. She takes every inch of your cock down her throat. Ashely feels your balls tighten and knows you’re close to cumming so she gets down on her knees on the floor so you can cum on her face. She sucks you a few more times before you can’t hold it any longer and need to jack off all over her pretty face. You plaster to face with cum, especially all over her big, red fuckdoll lips. Ashley sucks you a few more times with her cum-covered face. She sighs. Now she needs to wash up and get ready all over again for the party.

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