Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - Livestream Goes off the Rails 2018-09-15


Download Ashley Alban - Livestream Goes off the Rails - 1.03 GB from 2018-09-15
Ashley is a fitness YouTuber and a bit of an airhead. She finally gets her very first livestream up and running, and she’s so excited to show her fans some of her favorite stretches! As Ashley stretches, she blabbers on about whatever. Her fans are able to direct her to angle her body for the best views of her fat ass. If Ashley realizes what they’re doing, she doesn’t seem to mind. She moves on to the frog stretch to help out her groin muscles that are super tight. She grabs a pillow and puts it underneath her crotch to help her balance as she stretches. Ashley says that rocking back and forth a bit can help open up your hips for the stretch. As she begins to rock back and forth against the pillow, the normally talkative Ashley starts trailing off mid-sentence. She starts to rub herself against the pillow faster and faster. Soon, Ashley has a very obvious orgasm. Panting and grinning, she suddenly remembers that she is doing a livestream—NOT a recorded video—and she just came in front of hundreds of her fans. Embarrassed and frantic, Ashley apologizes and quickly ends the stream. [NO NUDITY

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