Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - I Just Got a Facial 2017-03-01


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You arrive home one night and are surprised to find Ashley on her knees in the bedroom with her face covered with cum. She seems sheepish at first but then boldly tells you that she’s been cheating on you—obviously. You just don’t satisfy her enough. The guy who just gave her a facial has a big, perfect dick. She smiles. He fucks her so much better than you do. That’s why she let’s him cum on her face even though you can’t. She can tell it angers you but she sees your dick getting hard in your pants. You can’t help but get turned on thinking about her with another guy, especially when you hear that he has a bigger dick than you. She continues to tell you about how he fucked her as she licks up all the cum that is slowly dripping off of her face.

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