Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - Home-wrecking Housewife 2016-10-20


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Ashley comes over one afternoon while your wife is away. She looks at a picture from your wedding and mentions how pretty your wife was. As she puts the photo down, she mentions that it’s too bad your wife doesn’t look the same anymore, and you can’t help but agree. Ashley asks if you ever get sexually frustrated. She admits that she does since her husband is never around. She says she doesn’t even bother to put in effort for him anymore, but she would for a man like you. Ashley slowly begins to unbutton her shirt. You see that she is wearing sexy lingerie underneath. You feel conflicted. You don’t want to cheat on your wife, but Ashley is so sexy. She tells you that it can be your little secret, and she completely strips down to her lingerie. She tells you to just lie down and take your dick out. If you really don’t enjoy it, she’ll stop. You do as Ashley says and she straddles you. She begins to lick and tease your dick. She tells you how much she likes it, and how she would suck your cock every day if you were her husband. You imagine how amazing it would be to have your cock sucked by her every day. Ashley starts giving you the best blowjob of your life. She alternates between slow and sensual, and rough and messy. Soon she says she wants you inside of her. She removes her g-string, and sits down on your cock sideways so you can watch her ass bounce. After a bit, she turns and rides you cowgirl, grinding against you and taking your cock deep in her pussy. She tells you how she wants to be your cumslut. When you’re ready to explode, she sucks you and titty fucks you until you cum all over her big breasts!

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