Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - Hairy Hippie Girlfriend 2017-09-06


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Your new girlfriend is pretty hot but she’s a bit of a stereotypical hippie. She doesn’t shave at all, and while you didn’t mind the bush so much, her hairy armpits and legs took some time to get used to. But whenever you asked her about it she asks why she would waste time shaving just because the patriarchy tells men that’s what they should be attracted to. She says all that time saved could be spent fucking you, and you can’t really argue with that. Your girlfriend starts to strip out her clothes and show off her body to you. You begin to get hard, so she unzips your pants and pulls your cock out. She begins to suck you and gets messy. She says she’s ready to fuck and lies on her back. You slide your dick in her hairy cunt and you can she how creamy she gets as you fuck her missionary. After a bit she says that she wants to ride you. She gets on top and rides you cowgirl until you both cum

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