Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - Groupie Gets That Dick 2018-09-15


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Ashley, Groupie Hoe Extraordinaire, sneaks into an emergency exit stairwell after a concert from her current fav (you). Just as she expects, you and your security team enter and find her waiting. She is stoked and starts telling you how she is your biggest fan and that she loves twerking to your songs. You ask her if she wants an autograph. She laughs and says that she wants something a bit more. She tells you that you must be tired from being on tour, and she wants to give you some stress relief. She’s sure that you have a lot of girls hitting you up, but none of them suck dick like her, or have an ass like hers. You decide to tell your security to wait outside the stairwell while you see what that mouth do. Ashley starts by showing off her body and twerking. Her ass does look amazing in her fishnet stockings. When she sees that you’re hard, she begs you to pull your dick out. Once out, her eyes widen in surprise. She says that she has never seen a dick this big in real life before and she doesn’t know if she can take it all. You remind her that she spoke a big game about giving head, so she gets to work. She goes hard, gagging and drooling all over your dick. You tell her you want to fuck and watch that ass bounce. She pulls down her shorts and stockings and gets on all fours on the stairs. Despite being an obvious slut, her pussy is tight af. After fucking her doggy for a bit, she begs you to cum in her, but you’re not that dumb. She gets back down on her knees and you blow your load all over her face

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