Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - Fleshlight JOI 2018-02-10


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You love masturbating with your fleshlight, don’t you? It must feel so much better than using your hand for a little jerk off session. Ashley wants to talk you through using it. She tells you to grab it and have it ready, but first she wants to slowly tease you. Ash says that she wants to get you rock hard first so that when you finally slide your dick into your toy, you’ll be so horny you can actually imagine that it’s her pussy. Ashley shows you the lingerie she is wearing. She tells you that the skirt is supposed to cover her ass, but her butt is so big it rides up so her cheeks pop out. Ash begins to jiggle her ass for you. Turning around, she begins to pull down her bra so you can she her tits as well. Ashley tells you to grab lube, or whatever you use, and slowly begin to rub it on your dick. Ashley wants to simulate the wetness of her pussy. After teasing you with her body some more, she says that you have waited long enough and she quickly pulls her g-string to the side and tells you to slide your dick into your fleshlight. Ashley tells you exactly how to use your toy while shaking her ass ass and playing with herself. When you’re ready, Ashley begs you to cum hard and imagine that you’re filling up her tight pussy.

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