Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - Facial Instructional 2017-03-01


Download Ashley Alban - Facial Instructional - 1.94 GB from 2017-03-01
Ashley could not believe it when she overheard a girlfriend talking about how she would never let a guy cum on her face. Ashley loves facials! Astounded by this blasphemy, Ashley decided to make an instructional video on why facials are fucking awesome, and how to get the best ones. Since the key to massive facials is lots of edging and teasing, she makes sure to really take her time with the blowjob. As Ashley slowly sucks and jacks him off, she explains why she loves facials. Obviously facials are all about the visual for the guy, but why wouldn’t you want to make your man happy? Plus, Ashley says, when you feel how hard he gets and you see how much he cums, you’ll feel amazing knowing you can do that to him. After edging him for almost twenty minutes, Ashley gets into one of her favorite facial receiving positions and he covers her face with cum! Show this video to your partner if you want her to learn about the positives of receiving facials. If you’re watching for yourself, enjoy the long teasing bj with LOTS of dirty talking!

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