Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - Drin k My Spit 2018-04-13


Download Ashley Alban - Drin k My Spit - 980.22 MB from 2018-04-13
Ashley asks you if you like her spit. You do. You love it. You wish you could dr ink it. Ashley wants to let you have it. She wants to collect as much spit in her mouth as possible before spitting it into a cup for you. She starts to let the spit collect beneath her tongue. She plays with it, dipping her tongue into it and letting it flow around her mouth. Once her mouth is full of spit, Ashley opens up her mouth and lets the waterfall of spit fall into a cup. She collects even more spit for you in her mouth. Ashley then takes all the spit in the cup and starts to play with it, pouring it into her hand and then into your mouth. It tastes so good!

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spitting mouth fetish face fetish spit fetish tongue fetish