Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - BJ From a Stranger 2017-01-09


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You are at a bar one afternoon and you take a seat next to a pretty girl. She seems bored though. Suddenly she turns and sees you sitting next to her. She smiles immediately. She said that she was worried that there would be no one to talk to. You attempt to introduce yourself but she says that it doesn’t matter what your name is. She explains that she is bored in her relationship. She wanted to do something exciting and go out looking sexy to a bar. She wasn’t optimistic though because she went out during the day. You ask her what she wants to do. She tells you that she wants to suck a stranger’s dick. You must look surprised because she says that she knows you find her attractive. She has seen you looking at her cleavage. Plus she’s wearing a sexy dress with platform heels. What guy wouldn’t want to fuck her? She says that she has an idea. She will go into the bathroom, and in two minutes, you will walk over as well and knock on the door. You can’t believe you’re doing this, but you agree. Once in the bathroom, she gets down on her knees and pulls out her boobs. She immediately starts sucking your cock. She sucks it like a pro and gets messy with spit all over it. She tells you to cum her her mouth at the end so she can swallow it all down.

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