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You’re sitting in one of your college classes and in comes a hot girl and sits down in the desk next to you. You can’t help but stare at her as she opens her backpack and removes her notebook and pencil. She catches you staring and smiles at you. She drops her pencil, and bends over giving you a view up her skirt. After smiling and flirting a bit more, she drops her pencil again and crawls under your desk. Whispering, she asks you if you’re nervous. She starts to rub your cock through your pants. She tells you that she wants to have some fun during this boring lecture. She begs you to let her suck your dick; you say yes, but she has to be quiet. She pulls your dick out and starts to suck you. She lets out a few moans invol untarily. She pulls down her t-shirt and bra and squeezes her tits. She even crawls all the way under your desk and sticks her ass up and starts to bounce it. Giggling, she starts to suck your dick again. She gets messy and a bit loud, since neither of you care about being caught anymore. When you say that you’re ready to cum, she decides it will be more fun if you give her a facial. Once her face is dripping with your cum, she crawls back over to her desk, and sits through the rest of the lecture with your load on her face.

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