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You are walking down a sandy beach when you see a hot lifeguard lying on her stomach sunning herself. You can’t help but stop and stare at her big ass. Before you can walk away, she sits up and catches you checking her out. At first she calls you a creep for staring at her, so you try to make small talk. She says that she is on her break, and is super bored. She looks you up and down and says that you’re pretty cute. She tells you that she has never done something with a guy outside before, and she suggests that you take your dick out. She says that if she likes it, she’ll bring you back to her place a few blocks away to fuck before her break is over. You’re very hesitant, but she insists that you pull it out. She can tell you’re hard already anyway. You take your dick out of your swim trunks and she smiles in approval. The lifeguard begins to suck you, right there on the beach. No one is around, so you relax and feel her deepthroating your cock. It feels amazing. You see someone in the distance and tell her to stop. She giggles, and says that you two better go back to her place now. When you get into her bedroom, she starts to tease you with her perfect body and slowly strips out of her swimsuit. Once naked, she backs her ass up into you so you can fuck her doggystyle. You watch her big ass bounce on your hard cock and she moans in pleasure. She begs you to cum all over her ass, so you pull out just in time to cover her asscrack in cum!

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