Ashley Alban [ManyVids] - Ash is Nasty AF 2018-03-04


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Ash goes into her bathroom to pee (you can’t really see the pee FYI). As she sits on the toilet, she peers into the laundry hamper next to her. On the top of the pile she sees a bunch of her dirty panties. She picks up a pair and sniffs it. It smells like her pussy. Ash takes a deep whiff and realizes that she likes the smell a lot. She grabs a thong to smell as well. Turning herself on, Ash starts to finger her wet pussy. Don’t you wish you were the one sniffing Ash’s dirty panties? She starts to tease you and shows you pair after pair from her dirty laundry. Once she has you all worked up, she asks if you would prefer to smell her pussy and asshole instead. She gets up and puts her ass right in your face. She spreads her cheeks and tells you to smell and taste her pussy and ass. She fingers her asshole as she talks dirty. Ash even grabs a pair of her dirty panties and shoves it up her asshole and then shakes her ass for you. Who doesn’t love a filthy girl

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